VIP Caribou Hunting Package - Deluxe Caribou Hunting

When you want to go caribou hunting and offer yourself the highest quality hunting package on the market, the VIP hunting package is meant for you. You will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our full service and low client volume VIP caribou hunting. Hop on board your own private 5 seat turbo-prop aircraft with a departure to Schefferville from our smaller regional airport just south of Montreal, you will be going on a first class hunt. Our full service installations and intimate camps are second to none in the caribou industry. The staff will make sure that you are going to have a very comfortable stay with us in this sub Arctic environment. Get ready for a very productive caribou hunt. Our additional stand-by camps or private float planes are ready to fly you to another camp or right into a caribou herd in the case of changing caribou migrations. You may add on an unexpected bonus to your caribou hunt with the incidental harvesting of a black bear. You may also want to catch the biggest trout of your life. What ever your dreams are, we can take you to where the caribou are migrating or where the fish are biting.

If you have a little bit of travel time on your hands, you also might want to benefit from a lower package cost for our VIP hunting service. Try the drive along highway 138 to Sept-iles Quebec through Quebec City, the oldest city in North America. Continue on along Quebec’s north shore highway and then take the most northern train ride in eastern Canada to our base in Schefferville. Please consult our train travel document for more information on this unique service.

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The Cost of the VIP Hunting Package:

$4995.00 USD from Schefferville. (You need to drive to Sept-Iles Quebec and then take the scenic train ride to Schefferville. )
$6495.00 USD from St. Hubert Airport. (Includes a private charter flight from the Montreal area.)

The VIP package Includes :

A 7 day hunt with 5 full days of hunting. ( Weather permitting )
2 caribou limit.
VIP quality camps, The best in Quebec. ( Electricity, hot showers, more itimacy )
All meals at the camps prepared by cook staff ( Above standard )
1 guide per 3 hunters
Boxing of caribou meat ( storage at the camp and in Montreal )
1 guide per 3 hunters. ( 1 on 2 or 1 on 1 available on prior arrangments )
ATV and boat per 3 hunters.
1 cape prepared and salted ( boxed for transport )
Transport of 1 whole rack if it scores in the record book and 1 split.
Satellite phone communications at all camps. ( $3.00 per minute )
Possibility of moving to any another productive camp from Schefferville.
Federal and Provincial taxes.

What is not included :

Travel and layover expenses in Montreal and Schefferville.
Hunting and fishing licences.
Black Bear trophy fee ($350,.00 if you shoot a bear)
Excess baggage costs and or any other taxidermy fees.
Additional aircraft charters if required for flyouts to the herds etc. ( beaver float plane, Cessna 185 or Robertson helicopter )

Economical Caribou Hunting Package

The economical housekeeping hunting package has been developed for those hunters who want to save some money by contributing to the hunt and helping out with the camp chores. We furnish all the food and all you have to do is your own cooking. Your group will be supervised by a resident camp manager who will direct and contribute to your hunting efforts. The camps are fully equipped, well situated and offer a very secure stay in our northern environment. The caribou camps accommadate only 6 hunters per week which makes for a far more intimate setting and relaxing hunt with a smaller group of hunting buddies.

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The Housekeeping Package Costs

$3595.00 USD from Schefferville. (Drive to Sept-Iles Quebec and take the train to Schefferville)
$4195.00 USD from Seven Islands Quebec Airport ( Drive to Sept-Iles Quebec and take a flight to Schefferville.
$4995.00 USD from St. Hubert Airport. ( Direct flight from the Montreal area )

The economical hunting package Includes :

All food at camp. ( you do the cooking ) A basic 3 meals a day menu.
7 day hunt with 5 full days of hunting. ( weather permitting )
2 caribou limit.
Any sleeping accommadations in Schefferville. ( no food )
Round trip float plane flight to camps.
Combined fishing at select camps.
1 camp supervisor for 6 hunters.
2 boats and motors ( life jackets, gas etc )
Electricity at camp.
Satelite phone comunications at camp. ( $3.00 per minute )
Salt for capes.
Oil or wood heating of camps.
Meat storage shed.
3 meat boxes.
Transport of 1 whole antler and 1 split.
Topographical map.
All Federal and Provincial taxes.

What is not included :

Travel expenses and layover expenses due to bad weather etc.
Hunting and fishing licence costs.
Excess baggage costs and any taxidermy fees.
Additional aircraft charters ( beaver float plane, Cessna 185 or helicopter )
Snacks, soft drinks, bottled water, alcohol.


Hunt four different herds of Mountain Caribou, all of which produce tremendous trophies. Some hunts have as high as 50% B&C qualifiers and success is close to 100%.You can hunt on horseback,ATV and in late October by snowmobile depending on conditions. Hunts can be taken from August 1st to September 25th, or October 20th to October 31st. Hunt can also be combined with Moose, Goat and/or Grizzly.

7 Day Hunt (Aug. 24th - Sept. 13th) - $9,000.00
13 Day Hunt (Sept. 15th -Sept. 27th) - $17,000.00
5 Day Late Season Snowmobile Hunt (Oct. 26th-Oct.30th) - $8,500.00


Newfoundland is home to approximately 90,000 woodland caribou.These majestic animals roam wilderness areas of the island and are available on a limited quota basis to non-resident hunters through outfitters. This hunt utilizes both drive-in base camps or fly-in services to reach remote campsites where the great herds migrate each fall. All hunting is done on foot with one guide per hunter.Walking at times can be rough in this tundra country so being in good shape is recommended.Camp accommodations are fully equipped including a kitchen staff that prepares hearty meals. This hunt provides excellent success rates for bow and gun hunters on quality bulls.

6 Day Hunt - $4,000.00

(Can Harvest Black Bear for $500.00 Trophy Fee)

British Columbia:

Hunt the Cassiar and Rocky Mountain ranges of northern B.C.There are no roads and little hunting pressure in this isolated piece of Canadian wilderness. Horseback and backpack style hunting is the specialty here. With approximately 1.6 million acres and over 200 miles of established trails within the area, the hunting can be spread out over the entire area so that each hunter has a realistic opportunity of taking trophy class game. Mountain Caribou hunting is very good here.The hunts take place between mid-August through mid-October.The best hunting , because of the rut and their beautiful white capes, is from mi-September until October 15th.Many trophy bulls are harvested annually with the average bull scoring 350-360 B&C.Approximately 15% of the caribou taken will gross over 400 B&C. Hunters who are willing to turn down average bulls and hunt hard, have a realistic chance of taking a record class animal.

6 Day (1x1) Hunt – $7,000.00
6 Day (2x1) Hunt – $6,250.00
8 Day (1x1) Hunt – $8,000.00
8 Day (2x1) Hunt – $7,000.00


Hunt Central Barrenground Caribou in one of the most remote fly-in regions of Manitoba.The Qamairjuaq herd migrate every year into northern Manitoba from their calving grounds in Nunavut.The herd is estimated at over 450,000 animals. Just opened to non-resident hunting in 1995, Manitoba only licenses 500 hunters per year (resident and non-resident) to hunt this herd.The quality of this herd is amazing with bulls averaging 335 B&C.The largest taken to date was a 402 B&C.The terrain here is tundra with a mix of rolling hills and small stands of spruce.This gives hunters the advantage of hunting by spotting & stalking instead of waiting for the animals to come to you.The camp is based on No-Name Lake,which straddles the Manitoba and Nunavut border and sits between two major migration routes.The camp consists of a mini-lodge and 8 tent cabins with electricity,wood heat, central shower house,generator and satellite phone. Hunt is conducted on foot or in 14-16 ft. boats with 20-25 horsepower engines.The fishing is excellent and hunters also have opportunities at ptarmigan and wolves.

6 Day Hunt - $6,395.00


Hunt on the north slope of Alaska's Brooks Range where the famous “Porcupine” Barren Ground Caribou herd resides. After arriving in Deadhorse,Alaska you will take a charter flight into the main base camp located in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge guide use area. From here you will fly out in a Super Cub to the herds.After setting up camp, your hunt will begin the next day. This is a fully guided trophy hunt harvesting strictly large bulls. Shooting opportunities are many, with most hunters taking home a truly nice bull.Wolf is also included with the purchase of a tag.

6 Day Hunt – $5,200.00

(Can harvest 2nd Bull for $2,500.00 Trophy Fee)